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Buildings exist for decades or centuries, much longer than our lives.
If we were to use buildings as a metaphor for people, what would the city that spreads out before us look like?

In large cities, economic development has led to the demolition of many beautiful, age-old masterpieces of architecture.
In some cases, parts of the exterior walls are partially preserved, but if we try to imagine them as people, we cannot help but feel a sense of sadness.
And they are replaced by many buildings of young age, transforming the city into an unsettled place.

Until now, the preservation of historical buildings has been supported by a movement of experts and mindful citizens.
However, if many people, from children to adults, share the value of these buildings, their preservation will become a matter of course, if everyone thinks about how to make the best use of them, the charm of the town will be deepened.

Unfortunately, most elementary, junior high, and high school students in Japan do not have the opportunity to learn about architecture and cities.
Many adults may also feel that historical buildings are fascinating, but they are not experts, so it is difficult for them to understand their value.

The Chronicles of Modern Architecture was born out of a desire to bring attention
to the beautiful historical buildings that we pass by everyday without thinking by personifying them.

The character's personality reflects the history of the building and the thoughts that the owner and architect put into it.
The age of the building is reflected in the age of the characters, and the outfits they wear are inspired by the building's interior and exterior views and design philosophy.
The outer costume reflects the exterior of the building, while the inner costume is inspired by the interior,
accessories and neckties were designed based on detailed observation of architectural ornamentation.

When you walk around the city and see the buildings guided by this audio guide application,
I am sure that you will have a fresh experience to discover new fascinating aspects of architecture and the city.
We hope that this app will provide an opportunity for more people to become interested in architecture and landscape, and that as many historically and culturally valuable buildings as possible will be preserved and utilized, and will be loved for a long time to come.

Planning & SupervisionNaotake Maeda


Naotake Maeda

First-class architect/curator. Director of Planning and Promotion, Kyoto City KYOCERA Museum of Art. Planned the "Modern Architecture in Kyoto" exhibition for the first anniversary of the museum's opening. He has been with Mori Art Museum since 2003, where he has organized numerous architectural exhibitions, including the "Japan in Architecture" exhibition. He is the recipient of the 2019 Architectural Institute of Japan Culture Award and others.

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