World Building

World BuildingWorld Building

This is a chronicle that continues into the future,
created by you and Tatemonoes.

One day you find an old album.
You open it and there are pictures and notes are filed in it. It looks like someone's diary.

Unable to resist your curiosity, you turn the page and notice a " person who looks like the building" in the picture. You become intrigued with that, you go to a nearby building. There, you see a person who looks just like the building you saw in the photo.


  • Modern Architecture

    Architecture built in the Meiji, Taisho, and Showa periods. (About 1868〜1980)

  • Tatemono

    Modern architecture that has taken on human form.

  • User

    People who knows the existence of Tatemonoes and helps to tell the story of them to the future.
    Sometimes they records Tatemono's existence in an album or through social networking services.

  • Chronicle

    The history that Tatemonoes have made so far, and the future that they will continue to create.

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